Progress with the
Environment in Mind

Since 1993, Leonel Waste Management Corporation (Leonel) has been providing effective,
thorough, and continuous waste collection services to our clients.

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Services Offered

Collection, Hauling, and
Disposal of MSW

We currently serve several cities in Metro Manila. We cover everything from garbage collection to solid waste segregation to proper transportation and disposal to sanitary landfills.

Street Sweeping
with Trucks

We offer fast and efficient curbside clean-ups by deploying street sweeper trucks.

Events Waste Management
(with Awareness Advertisments)

We can station garbage compactor trucks in events for quicker cleanups. If you would like to, you can place your ads on our trucks to relay your company's environmental concern to the public.

Fleet of Equipment

Garbage Compactor Trucks

Garbage Compactor Trucks are the main vehicles used for garbage collection all around the world, mainly because of its efficiency. A ten wheeler garbage compactor truck can accommodate as much as 1.5 times the capacity of a ten wheeler dump truck. Depending on the client's requirements, we have various sized compactor trucks available to choose from.

Ten Wheeler Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are more ideal to use for collection of very bulky solid waste. Call our office to ask for the availability of long dump trucks, which are longer than the standard ten wheeler dump trucks you see on the streets.

Industrial Roll-off Garbage Dumpsters

Roll-off garbage dumpsters are left in an area where they act as receptacles for garbage for a certain period of time. It serves as the entire vicinity's giant garbage bin. It is then collected during its scheduled pick-up time, emptied, and then returned to the client. A single industrial roll-off garbage dumpster can accommodate two to three mid to high rise residential condominiums daily.

Street Sweeper Trucks

Street Sweeper Trucks are ideal for curb side cleaning. A single street sweeper truck can do the job of several people in sweeping the curbs in a fraction of the time, generating you savings in the process.

Water Tanker with High Pressure Washer"

This water tanker with a high pressure washer can provide solutions for cleansing of concrete floors that that need to be rid of stubborn dirt and odors which can no longer be dealt with using a broom and a dustpan.


Our mission is to satisfy our stakeholders by providing our customers value, our fellow citizens peace of mind, our employees fair compensation, and our investors an equitable return. Our vision is to be the foremost integrated waste solutions company in the country by setting the benchmark in quality and reliability in garbage collection and disposal.

About Us

Leonel Waste Management Corporation (Leonel) was registered in 1993 with the objective of providing effective, thorough, and continuous waste collection services to our clients.

Our fleet of equipment composed of garbage compactors, dump trucks, roll-on roll-of trucks, sweeper trucks, water trucks, and heavy equipment, as well as our workforce, is more than enough to adequately meet any new assignment. Leonel has been aggressively looking for opportunities to join the renewable energy industry - in line with our commitment to contribute to the environment.

Leonel's long-term objective is not only to contribute to cleanliness and beautification, but also to advance efforts in addressing the issues of solid waste by turning this into an opportunity through innovation and collaborations with the renewable energy sector.

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Main Office

3 Lascano St., Brgy. Tugatog,
Malabon City
Tel. No.: 294-4986

Satellite Offices

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